Pet Frustration

March 18, 2007 8:56am CST
I always wanted tohave a dog. It frustrates me whenever the fact that my brother is allergic to it comes to my mind.
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• United States
19 Mar 07
I understand your frustration. My allergies include both dog and cat, but I am the proud Mommy of 2 dogs! There are some breeds that are hypoallergenic. Most commonly poodles, Bischon Frise, schnauzers. There are some others, but just because allergies are an issue doesn't mean you can't have a great pet. Look into these breeds and see what you think. I'm a schnauzer and bishon owner myself. Wouldn't trade them for the world. They're my kids! Good luck and don't give up. There are ways to work around the allergies... trust me!
• Australia
18 Mar 07
When getting a pet when you live with other people, you always need to take their opinions into consideration. If even one person the household is allergic, you can't get it. That's life I'm afraid.