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@elisata (569)
March 18, 2007 9:36am CST
Hi Mylotters, I find that some of us have difficulties finding a new job... Well, I am not a job consultant, but in my working life I have been hiring many people, so I just know a little bit about it, shall we say. Furthermore, as a journalist, writing comes to me as breathing, and my job application letters were always warmly welcomed... (honestly!) So I give a few tips here for your LETTER with the resume. You should never just send the resume with a standard letter... at least not in Europe. I don't know the way of application in other parts of the world, but it might be refreshing, and landing you a job right away - LOL HERE WE GO Start with Place and Date, referral (if necess.) and concerning:job application # 1234 "Dear madam and sir (don't forget, women appreciate that!), Through xxxxxxxx I learned that you are looking for xxxxxxxxx"(the xxx's are the paper of what date, internetsite etc; the 2nd xxxx the job in question). "That is so fortunate, because I am a xxxxxx since xxxxxx, and right now looking for a new challenge. I would appreciate it if you consider me a candidate for the job." (the xxxx, you get the drift, I hope) NOW A VERY IMPORTANT NEW PARAGRAPH (as to why you want to work with the firm so badly - NOT because you need a job!) "XXXXX (firm's name) had alway had my interest, ever since I was a xxxxx (profession). Your last years of development are so exciting/overwhelming/fantastic/intriguing (don't overdo it...) that I would consider myself lucky to be part of your team/department. Developing xxxxx has always been my speciality/core business/dream/, so I think I might add some new enthusiasm to your team/department/firm. Furthermore I have some ideas (only if you have, of course) as to how to xxxxxxxxx." -NOTE: As you see you show in the above paragraph that you WANT to work with them and they can BENEFIT from you... The paragraph might be a bit longer, but not too much. The minimum is something like the length above - NEW PARAGRAPH "Enclosed you find my resume, which will give you a good insight in my experiences and my education so far. I would like to draw your attention to xxxxxxx (fill in something from your resume you really find suitable for the job you apply for), since this should really be a point of interest for your firm." NEW PARAGRAPH I am looking forward to your response. In a personal interview I can give you all the details you find important for your company. If there is anything I can explain to you before you decide to invite me for an interview, I will be glad to do so. SIGNATURE Sincerely, some space for your signature Jane Doe enclosed documents: 1, containing xx pages (resume)" Now English is not my mother's tongue, so some phrases might not quite be what they should be, but I hope you all get an idea about how such a short letter should be. Remember, this letter may never be longer than 1 page, including you name, address and tel. number. In a next post - today or tomorrow - I will go through the resume for you guys... what to put in, what not and in what order and why. All in good faith and with the hope that some of you might find a job sooner than they had anticipated... wouldn't that be great!?!
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@ausnikki (4055)
• Brisbane, Australia
20 Mar 07
Thank you elisata , that is great advise.I will be changing my cover letter for sure.I am looking forward to your discussion on resumes.Thanks again.