Richard Burton and John Hurt in 1984; V For Vendetta

United States
March 18, 2007 2:49pm CST
So I see we have some fans of "1984" here! How did you feel about the reversal of the role of Big Brother, when John Hurt took the role in "V for Vendetta"? I thought he was marvelous. There are very few men who can both scare me, make me cry, and make me laugh, all in the same movie. John Hurt is one of those actors, no doubt. But did he do as good a job as Burton did in "1984"? There was something bigger-than-life about Burton, something much more quiet and solemn. Of course the character of Big Brother was written by a very masterful writer...but still- was "V For Vendetta" a sophomoric look at "1984", or not? Certainly "1984" is a classic, but will "V For Vendetta" stand up in the long run? I loved both films, but "1984" will probably outlast "V" in my memory, despite John Hurt's good performance.
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