Who built the Pyramid of Khufu

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March 18, 2007 3:41pm CST
The great pyramid of GIZA or the pyramid of Khufu is said to be one of the scientific wonders. The precession in joining of each gigantic stones weighing several tons is not defined by the science even today. It is impossible to build the same structure today even using most modern equipments. The pyramid is said to be built exactly on the mass of earth which is possible to detect only with modern satellites. All these and many more theories point that these pyramids were not built by human beings. Any one has more info on this ??
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27 Mar 07
Hanging in one of the offices where I work, there is a poster that, at first, looks like one of those motivational posters with a picture of the pyramids and the word "Vision" written below it. But the rest of the caption reads: Any vision can become reality with persistance, faith, and an unlimited supply of disposible labor." I think the truth of the matter is that Egypt had lots of vision, and lots of slaves, plus some pretty smart engineers. There have been many many instances in history where one culture has achived great scientific knowledge, only to have it be lost for centuries by later generations. Just because we don't know how the pyramid was built does not mean that a prior human could not have figured it out. If the Giza pyramid was the only pyramid we had, then sure, maybe I could be swayed by the "aliens built it" theory. Because if they (the aliens) were that advanced, they could just come down and show us how to build it perfectly the first time. But the fact is that there are hundreds of other pyramids, of lesser size and quality of construction; "practice pyramids", if you will. If humans were building a couple of these every generation, it would make sense that they would eventually figure out better and better ways to do it, it is a natural progression. Until of course, they realized that they were pouring an inordinate amount of resources into these projects and began scaling them back.
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27 Mar 07
I am not sure about it, but the book says specially about this pyramid that the precession of construction is so complicated that even today we with modern equipments would not be able to achieve. Let me refer to the book and I would come back with more information. Any way thanks for the response cheers!!
• India
18 Mar 07
I have heard about this argument saying that these pyramids either built by aliens or the civilisation of Egypt with the help of Aliens. Now when I say Aliens I mean to define an advanced life from a different galaxy need not be one of those strange looking Hollywood characters. The book "Story of an Arabian Princes" mentions this. There is another book also which gives a step by step logical reasoning confirming the involvement of extra terrestrial intelligence. I do not recall the name, but soon will give you the name of this book.
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19 Mar 07
Please give me the books name. I have heard of this book but could not get it. I have read "The story of an Arabian Princes" its shocking.