Ronaldinho is over....

@jitu99 (111)
March 18, 2007 5:01pm CST
The way he is playing nowadays is horrible.....I don't wht has happened to him he is not playin like he should...and barcelona rae suffering....they got knocked out from the champion's league...
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@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
18 Mar 07
There are many players in sports now who must leave soon and make way for the younger, and stronger players. I think you can only play for at a high level for so many years and then it is time to leave and do something else with you life.
@jitu99 (111)
• India
18 Mar 07
yep tht is absolutely rght and it's time for ronaldinho too....
• Egypt
21 Mar 07
no not with ya that more young player play with no experience they need maystro and they can do will and i think that is not time yet for ronaldinho and if ronaldinho go who will play huh
@varun008 (16)
1 Apr 07
i dont think that ronaldinho is over..............evry gr8 player goes thru a lean & dull phase in their career sometime. I know he has done magical things for his club, but may be the burden of expectation is getting on him. I would like to c the other senior players share more responsibility with him............would like to c messi & deco to take more control. It is just a face he will surely get over it :)
• Australia
2 Apr 07
Yes your exactly right, Ronaldinho is still the worlds best player, and the worlds most well known player he is going through a slump at the moment but don't all famous sport stars do this i think so. Ronaldhino is sure to bounce back soon.
@tyf1112 (153)
• China
7 Sep 07
One of todays rumours and what are your thoughts???? until hes signed on the dotted line i cant see it happening,my opinion would be he went to AC Milan in a swap deal with Kaka.
@layney (1053)
• Italy
2 Apr 07
Well, maybe AC Milan could help him... hope!
@atenk_aja (118)
• Indonesia
21 Mar 07
hmm.. i think ronaldinho perform right now is really bad.. i don't know why... i hope ronaldinho can be good perform again... bravo ronaldinho...