story : a prinpical

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March 18, 2007 6:53pm CST
i will try to re-tell the story ,if you find there are some mistakes,please kindly point it out ,if you can understand the story ,please kindly share your main idea with us ,thanks. class A is a worst class in 1 school .the students of this class don't want to learning anything . one day ,a new prinpical come to work at this school .when he know the situation of the class A ,he decided to do something about it. in the morning ,he left his office and went to classA ,he need not to know how to come to class A,just need hear the voice :the students of classA always makes terrible noise ! he stood outside the classA and look into the class and fell disgusted by what he had saw:some students are throwing things one another,some students are flighting ,no one is studying . suddently ,he decided how to do ! he opened the classroom door,and shouted at a top of his voice "keep silence"! no one pay attention to him .and then ,he shouted again ! all of students looked at him and quiet! he came to the oldest-looking student and took holf of him by ear and pull him to front of blackboard,five minutes later ,the prinpical ask the student come to his office to wait him . then ,the prinpical began to instruct them ,in the end ,he said:does anybody has any question? one student raise up her hand and said :yes ,i have .when can we get our teacher back ? above is the whole story.
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