here are my lists:

@aaa0126 (205)
March 18, 2007 9:00pm CST
1. when you got what you want? 2. find your dream job? 3. when you have the one you've been drooling at? 4. helping others? 5. not having fight to anyone for a long time? 6. attending your favorite reunion party? 7. when you at least finished your work in due time? 8. having acquiantances and feel great when they accept you as you are? 9. mark your response as the best here at mylot? hey,buddies,, what makes you feel great?have your own lists.. and compare it to my lists,, but maybe i forget something... thank you
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@msqtech (15226)
• United States
19 Mar 07
when I got married I teach marines that is it my wife at her best I try to always help others I dont fight except for defense I dont like reunions usually finished on time I wont change for friends I read and look for the best I love because I am human