W o r s t M o v i e E v e r ?

@jhossh (32)
March 18, 2007 10:37pm CST
Anyone has had the misfortune of watching? share your experience here... ^_^
3 responses
@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
13 Aug 07
Naked Space, I didn't recognize anyone in it and there didn't seem to be any plot to the movie, they just kind of did random stuff that made no sense.
• Canada
19 Mar 07
It has to be John Tucker Must Die.. watched with girlfriend.. was a really really bad movie.. the plot was thin.. and was just a real bad chick flick overall
@harxian (671)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
the worst movie ive seen in my entire life was the sound of thunder.it was released last september 14 of 2005 in our country. you will be deceived by the picture and the thriller it was really nice but when you see the whole movie oh God is this a movie poor director bad special effect dull movie if theres worst word the worst that would be the best to describe that movie.^^