who are you and what on earth you are here for?

March 18, 2007 11:01pm CST
as a human being living on this earth do you really know who are you? at first your answer to this question is your name but the question is who are you not what's your name? so come to think of it in different perspective. do you even know what's your real purpose on this earth? in your own point of view who are you and what on earth you are here for?
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@gsnarayanan (1705)
• India
19 Mar 07
I am here because of the acts of anknown force that drives all the movements on the universe! My duties are already defined by the unknown force, I may call it as GOD! I am acting as per the directions and has to leave the stage as sson as my work is over. The exact timing has been ket secret. I may be asked to do another role as soon as I finish my present asignments which will be known only on my completing my present asignments..
@obang1483 (250)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
I have the same questions actually, I don't really know why i existed in this world... maybe just to add flavor to the people I'm around with, or maybe, If there's no me, there would be no balance at all, for example.... I am a out-going, witty I must say and happy go lucky person...somewhere out there,there is somebody who is opposite of who I am. We have reasons why we are here...we just don't know yet maybe some knew what. We just have to live with it. By the way, there is no reason why you have to ask for your existence...it's a mystery so lets just keep it a mystery.... that's the way it is. Just my thoughts. just mine.