bigbrother...jade v shilpa...

March 19, 2007 2:11am CST
my interests in this matter is i do not think that jade did nothing wrong and i think shilpa has took this too far..she has used this for her own needs...and i,m sick of this i,m black thing..its so old skool now..and i,m not starting nothimng here but white peoples dont go round saying if they dont get it there way is cos i,m peoples use that to there advantage...and jade is not racist? as her dads to speak..she just did,nt get on with shilpa we cant get on with ever1...and jamine wacko jacko said that jade was white that did,nt get mentioned..did it..this is enough of this now ans shld leave jade be..and i,m sorry if i,ve offended any1..i dont mean too just giving my honeset advice.
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