Who is better, Ronnie Colmen Or Arnold Shcwerezingger

March 19, 2007 2:57am CST
i think that arnold better than Ronnie coleman are ya with me on that... let's show that now
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• India
23 Sep 08
Ronnie coleman is bigger in size comparing to Arnold. but definitely arnold is better than coleman. he used bodybuilding to become famous all over the world. and one more fact about ronnie is, i am sure he is using steroids. look at his stomach. steroids will pay results only till they use. if they stop it, their mass will go off totally in few weeks.
@ak3600 (50)
• Canada
7 Jul 08
I don't think anybody will be as popular and loved as Arnold - although Ronnie Coleman is really good too, but Arnold has done a lot more (movies, politics, etc.)
• Singapore
12 Jun 08
Arnold is way better than Ronnie Coleman. Without disrespecting Ron, Arnold has the symmetry and the mass that made him an icon in the bodybuilding industry. Arnold is bodybuilding.
@devosam5 (34)
• India
3 Apr 07
Both have been best during their times!!!
@laltu86 (1253)
• India
29 Mar 07
If you are asking about the physical apperence than i would prefer arnold that too in commando.
• Romania
19 Mar 07
Ronnie versus Arnold - Legends dueling...
I can't agree with you on this one, Ronnie Coleman has a larger muscular mass, but they are both great, during their times.