Have you noticed that when we reply to the responses to our post, no additional

@chavezrmc (5777)
March 19, 2007 3:00am CST
point? Does this mean that we are not earning in answering to this? I'm just curious if anybody here in mylot notice this. But i am not sure of this too, hope somebody can enlighten me and everyone who can read this.
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• Canada
19 Mar 07
I don't think that you earn from answering people that reply to your discussions, but it does make for conversation which draws more people in to make their own replies, and the more people that respond to your posts I think the more money you get from it. And I think that the points only go up once per each discussion you respond to, no matter how many replies you leave in it. I'm not sure if additional replies are paid for or not, but I'm guessing they probably are, but the number just isn't changed. I hope that makes sense, though it's all just speculation from me since they don't give any hard rules of how they run MyLot.