Too tired.,too lazy.

March 19, 2007 3:35am CST
I learnt a good lesson. By going through a lazy person's farm and vineryard,it was all grown with thorns and bushes. He was too lazy even to put food in his own mouth. When he woke up it was dusk;and the farthest he could go was on the hinges of the door. Why did he not want to come out,what was he afraid of? Was he afraid of the lions? Have a nap and sleep if you want to,but while you are asleep;poverty would attack you like an armed robber.
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@wenkinnoc (483)
19 Mar 07
a valuable lesson indeed. Every man must take responsibility for his own safety and well bing, and take precautions to protect them. It also shows that sometimes in life we need to take an active role and just DO things rather than sitting back and thinking about them.
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• Kenya
19 Mar 07