Which is better,,glasses or contacts because.......

March 19, 2007 5:43am CST
I need something soon and I don't know much about either, so if anyone out there could give me some advantages or disadvantages of the two choices, it would be very helpful. Which do you use and why? Which will cost more?
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@Debs_place (10525)
• United States
20 Mar 07
I have been wearing soft contacts for almost 30 years with not trouble at all. I don't even know where my glasses are. I wear my contacts for doing everything. I have monovision, which is really cool, I wear a contact in one eye, for distance and leave the other eye without a lens for reading. I could not read with both lenses in, and here I thought I needed glasses. Windows on my computer and eye glasses have one thing in common - will only be used by me if I am forced. I prefer contacts and Apple computers. BTW - I am wearing in the eye that has the contact in it, the same prescription that I have been wearing since I started wearing contacts. Not sure if that is related to wearing contacts or not.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
20 Mar 07
the glasses cost more, not everyone can wear contacts, the doctor has to decide when he sees you. Some people don't like having the feeling of something in their eye. Also your eye can get very dry or infected. Some people don't like glasses because they don't like the way they look, but now glasses are very stylish and you can get a pair to really suit your face.
@kaperkitty (1097)
• Canada
19 Mar 07
well I wear the new acuvue oasis contacts I looooove them and you can get a free trial pair here in canada at any walmart or print the coupon online...I have glasses to but i'm vain and wear them in the evening at home or when i'm going for the sexy librarian look lmao just kidding lol..the new contacts are 98% water and are very healthy for your eyes..I know i had a bleed in the eye and was thru rounds and rounds or steriods and my eye specialist felt these were completely safe for me..the nice about the trial is you can test them out and see how you feel..the fitting feel is 10 bucks so its a great deal...hope this gives you some good insight no pun intended... cheryl
@jencai (3415)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
before, i used to wear eye glasses. now i use contact lenses so i can move better without worrying anything to fall and would be more comfortable. but you must take alot of care of it, you might tear the lenses if you are careless. your nails should always be short. and don't forget to remove it before sleeping. goodluck.
• Singapore
19 Mar 07
I think contacts would cost more since you definitely have to replace them sooner or later (even if you are not using disposable ones). For glasses, you can keep on using them for a very long time. Even if you want to go for contacts in the end, I would suggest you get a pair of specs as standby. ;P