Why do nice guys like mean girls?

March 19, 2007 7:09am CST
I see this happening time and time again. A really nice decent guy with a really nasty girl. She's mean, unreasonable, demanding, downright nasty and treats her man like dirt. Worse of all, she's actually physically and verbally abusive towards her man. He never retaliates and instead just choses to put up with her. Yet despite all this lousy treatment, these guys chose to stick by their girls. But why? Do you also know of any guys who are in abusive relationships? Are you a guy in such a relationship? Can anyone tell me why such nice sweet guys would choose mean girls?
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• Canada
22 Mar 07
My Guy had a few exes like that. The last one had a trait he really liked, she was a STRONG WOMAN, sadly she was also very demanding. He didn't know if he'd ever find a strong woman who would not be demanding...then I came along. He's nice, and I like him that way. If I am lucky enough to have a guy like him, I'd better treat him right. He's lucky enough to have a woman like me, and he already knows it and treats me right. I am one lucky lady.
• Singapore
25 Mar 07
Congrats on finding the right guy! :)
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
24 May 07
hey there. :) i think i know why that happens. :) its because sometimes, opposites do attract. havent you noticed how the in the movies the handsome jocks end up falling in love with the dorky and nerdy girls. lolz. :)
@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
5 May 07
Nice guys like mean girls and good girls like bad guys. I think opposite attracts :)
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
14 Apr 07
God made it extremely hard for people to find soulmates. When the guy is brutish, he gets a girl who is an angel in every sense of the word. When the guy is an angel, he has besides him a lucifer for a wife or girl friend. The amazing thing is that in the midst of these personality clashes, the seeming bad partner is seriously loved by the better half. I know of a beautiful woman who is batterd almost daily but her husband but her love for this man she calls a husband is just too much, this looks a crazy world is it not?
@pammerz (45)
• United States
14 Apr 07
i know what you mean. i see that around a lot. Well most of the times what i see is girls that are real nasty yet theyre more goodlooking. And they tend to be attractive because they can show something new maybe to nice guys. theres also those cute innocent girls that love thugs. its true i see that around a lot. opposites attract? lol