What are girls freaking problems?

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March 19, 2007 10:02am CST
ok so i have guy friends that i am close with and have been for years. i didn't say we were close cause we have or do sleep together. i am sayin they are my true friends. so why do their girlfriends hate me or not like me? i am in no way tryin to steal their man. i mean i am sure i could have them if wanted them or maybe not i am just sayin that cause we know each other so well. not tryin to cocky at all really. anyway for some reason my guy friend's girlfriends don't like me. i am no threat to their relationship unless of course they want to make a big deal out of me and the guys being friends then they will just have to hit the curb. and yes i know for a fact my guy friends would do that. actually my friend greg already told his girl that he has been with for about 4 years that if she didn't like me and him being friends she had to go. it's not that he is choosing me over his girl. it's just that if she is goin to be that stupid after knownin all these yeras that me and him are close and now she wants to be all jaded about it she's just bein stupid. so if anyone can tell me why girls don't like me please do. hey i will strait tell my boys if their girl is no good i don't care. i want them to be with someone they deserve.
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@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
23 Apr 08
If you are honest with what you said, then you did nothing wrong. However, in the eyes of the other people they don't know if you are true to your words. She has done nothing wrong. She is just afraid to lose her man and it is possible that friends could become lovers as well. I have a guy best friend as well but I am not going to share my bedroom or house with him. This really depends on each individual. Just imagine yourself with a boyfriend and he would go visit his female friend frequently and tells you off that she has more priority than you as his lover. Something isn't right. For the case of your friend, I think he could have handle the situation better than this. Whenever you plan to invite him over your place, why don't you invite his gf as well? She will know you more and have more trust. To be honest, I don't think he really liked his gf if he actually said that. Could he have feelings for you? You have to think about this carefully because not all women will let their man wonder off with other ones except if they are family.