What Can You Say About Gas Prices That Gone Up?

United States
March 19, 2007 10:29am CST
I remember back then when gas used to be 75 cents per gallon. But in this day and age for 2007 gas prices have reached the skies! Where I live it is $3.15 per gallon! It's getting ridiculous. This is due to the fact that most people work far from where they live and 5 or 6 days a week have to go far and most of their money is going on gas! What do you say about this? Has the oil companies gone too far? Do you believe that gas prices will eventually come down at a reasonable price?
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@im_anna (718)
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
yes, I agree with methodles, it's because of increasing consumption of it, increase in no. of consumers, greedier companies, & even greedier government of oil producing countries since they both benefit from price increases.
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• Canada
19 Mar 07
There are a few problems causing higher oil prices. 1) Very easy to tax, the tax is hidden, and when asked about, it raises revenue for the government and works as an incentive to help the environment. 2) Greedier companies 3) Supply is not dwindling so much that we are running out, but supply is low enough that we are not extracting it fast enough. We simply can't get it out as fast as we end up using it, so prices must go up. 4) We are not as price sensitive as we say we are. I use as much gas as I did before, I just fill up less at a time hoping for a depressed price. (Then again I use very very little, so I can't cut back)
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@David_B (89)
19 Mar 07
It's very true that it's a sad and costly thinh that gas prices has gone up but it's hard for me to understand how you guys in USA complain so much. I'm originally from Sweden and there you have you have to pay around 6dollars a gallon...That is expensive! But I can understand but if you're used to such a cheap price as 75cents a gallon then it must be really hard to cough up 3.15!
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