hy y nedd free hosting

May 25, 2006 7:43am CST
y can make an php portal with chat dating forums blogs free stuf y an y verry good web master y know php asp cgi pearl y worck with macromedia dreamwaver and more softwere but y do not have a host and domain and y do not want a sub domaina y can get over 200 people a day on the site .....
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• Bangladesh
7 Jan 07
Yes you can have free hosting in these following sites: #1: www.110mb.com #2: www.50webs.com #3: www.1500mb.com #4: www.9999mb.com #5: www.1111mb.com #6: www.byethost.com #7: www.phpnet.us #8: www.3000mb.com Thats all choose one from these and enjoy. I personally recommend, www.50webs.com, www.110mb.com, www.byethost.com and www.1111mb.com.
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• India
21 Jul 11
I khow i m late here , though I have a suggestion for you. I have found out one site that will provide you free hosting, where you can install php chat too as I have also tried this.. Try host1forfree.com. There are also some free service available like blogger, wordpress, weebly, webs.com . You will get free hosting for all the above sites. [em]cool[em]
• Japan
14 Jul 11
If you want your own domain, you should try WebHostingPad, HostGator, iPage, or inMotion. However, all the free hosting websites only give you a subdomain. Maybe you should buy a seperate domain name and connect it to your website. I know a few good free hosting websites: Zymic, x10hosting, xtreemhost, and byethost. I myself have a subdomain website from x10hosting. They're actually quite good - they offer unlimited space and extremely fast load speeds. Well, I doubt that you'd be reading this, since the last time you posted was six years ago. But if you found this, I hope it helps!
• India
28 Mar 08
well i donot know what the problem you have because you have used why many time.
• United States
20 Sep 06
I would recommend WWW.freewebs.com,Or You could try doing as SilverBaller said,and you could look up something on free Webhosting..Good luck in finding what you need.