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May 29, 2006 6:09pm CST
forced to be given 2 very unwanted tattoos by abusive ex-boyfriend who did them himself. looking for way of having them removed but cash is limited.need advise on enexpensives method thats almost painless.
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3 Jul 06 - this site has some self removing items that you can use at home and remove the tattoo within 6 months - this site has a lot of beneficial information about removing tattoos and different ideas from low prices to high prices. Are these tattoos in a really obvious, seen place that others can see?
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17 Mar 09
Every cream that we've seen our patients use isn't effective. Tattoo removal requires a laser to get results. New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is a chain of Dallas and Houston tattoo removal clinics that specialize in the procedure and are happy to answer any questions about the procedure for free. is the address for the Houston tattoo removal clinic. http::// is for the Dallas laser tattoo removal office.
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7 Apr 09
Here's another site that gives helpful advice on tattoo removal: (discusses creams, lasers, dermabrasion).
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28 Jun 10
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2 Nov 10
Laser tattoo removal can be very affordable if you do your research. A lot of clinics offer specials and payment plans. Laser tattoo removal is the only method that works with out damaging the skin. Check out to find out more and to see great before and after pictures.
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2 Aug 09
I think you should get them covered. Cover them with something that expresses the new, stronger you. Drown out what he did to you, and put something that represents this new person you are and your positive hopes for the future.
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15 Feb 09
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17 Jan 07
I'm very sorry to hear what you have had to go through a thing as terrible as this. I am taking the comment that you are removing them as a hint that you have found the strength to leave this man. For that I congratulate you, it must have taken extrodinary strength. I also would take that person's advice about seeking a law suit to see if you can make him pay for it. But be aware laser removal of tattoos can be VERY painful, even more painful then actually getting the tattoo. What I think would be the best bet is to go to your local tattoo artist and tell him that you received these tattoos by force and ask how much he would charge you to get the covered up with a different tattoo. I'd like to know how this works out for you.