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@alen0224 (528)
March 19, 2007 11:34am CST
Today when I loged on to mylot, I accidentally had a peek at the left bottom of my page and found some more information about mylot. I had joined mylot about 1 month, but I had never noticed that there were some informations about the tops of mylot. And to my great surprise, the top referer, haxor111, had an amazing amount of referrals, exactly 4713. Do you think that it is amazing? Accoding to his profile, he joined mylot 5 months ago, not too long a time in mylot, but how can he refer so many members to mylot in his downline? I even don't have any referrals here despite of my great efforts of promotions of mylot. What do you think about this and how many referrals do you have in mylot? And what is the best way to refer someone join under you?
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19 Mar 07
Iknow that you can buy referals and maybe that is what he has done in order to get his number so high. He may also have other websites that he promotes this on. I haven't got any referals I just can't find anyone who is interested in doing it.
@alen0224 (528)
• China
19 Mar 07
To refer others to be your downline and this would help with your earnings here, isn't it? If I have so many referrals, I would be very happy because my earnings would be serious. Thanks for responding.
@anshnav (479)
• India
19 Mar 07
i have 1 referrel and that is my friend I have tried to promote mylot so much but iam afraid nobody is interested. i too want some techniques of increasing referrels.