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United States
March 19, 2007 3:42pm CST
what would you like to say to the Iraqi people? I saw this question on SFGate.com Two Cents. Just from what we hear and see on the news, isn't it time you all got along? Why just keep fighting, and blowing each other up. I know our soldiers would like to be home, and leave your country. To make this happen things over there need to calm down. We libearated you from a Dictator to give you your rights as people equally treated. I feel for all who have lost their familes and friends. Be it right or wrong the reason why we went over there in the first place. Our soldiers do their best to help those who want to be helped. It is your responsibilty now to take control of your own actions. Get along so we can bring our soldiers home. I guess that is about what I would say to them. This is the anniversary of when this all started 4 years ago. I hope I am right on the years, time does fly quickly. I wish we can have our soldiers come home. I hate it each time a family member has to go. But, I do support our soldiers, and will stand beside them. I can say I don't agree with what President Bush has brought to so many people.
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@Beertjie (978)
• South Africa
19 Mar 07
There is an old saying: "Peace is worth fighting for." I understand that America wants to help and we don't always understand why they are fighting, but I know that they believe so strongly in whatever it is they believe, that they are willing to die for it. I do not agree with their reasoning and I suggest the same as you, stop the fighting so the soldiers can go home. I do believe we can learn something from these people. What are we willing to do for the things that we believe in. I don't suggest we go to war about it, but are we willing to give our lives for ther cause we belive in. To the Iraqis I would say, allow people to be different and do not try to force your own ways on others. Look at South Africa. There are eleven official language, meaning there are a lot of different cultures and we don't see them at war on the news. Anyway, what have you reached thus far with all the bombs, except kill a lot of people. When will you be satisfied??????
• United States
20 Mar 07
I like what you have said, hoping one day things will be different. Nice to know others feel as I do, and want all people to be treated equally.
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