method for earning money fast

@akiraz (265)
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March 19, 2007 4:03pm CST
method 1:go to port sarium,ask one of the guys in the blue shirt to go to karajma then pay him 30 coins,when you get their go to the house near the dock and talk to the man inside their,get a job from him and get 10 bananas and put in the bananas in the crate and you can get 30 coins from it,takes long but if you do it for a long time you can have alot of money. method 2:this is for people who has 20 mining and smithing ok,here is what you do,go mine iron either at the dwarf mines,varrock,or at the desert place,but for this one i perfer you go to varrock.first go mine probably like alot of iron ores because since they have 50% of getting a iron bar,when you make a fair amount of iron bars,go smelt them into short swords and you can either go to the general shop or to the sword shop to go sell them,you will get alot of money,also their method is for people that has low level mining. method 3:when you are like level 35 to like level 53 go fight black knights,they drop alot of stuff,but the thing you want it runes(magic runes),when you got alot go either at west side bank or varrock or east side back of varrock,sell them,when other players trade you let them make up the prices or you can make it up. method 4:go to varrock place and put everything you have in your bank,go to the wild and go to the lava maze,when you get to where the lesser demons are go collect the steel bodyplates,their is only one over their so you have to get one then log out go to different world log back in and keep doing it until you get alot,try to get at least 28 but you might want to put one on yourself if you have defense over 5,go back to varrock if you can survive.if you did go to the hammering place near east side back of varrock,sell them to the guy in their,he will either give you alot of gp or alittle,but you want to have alot of money so here what you do go different world and sell them,you would want them to sell for at least 150 and over. method 5:this is the same as method 4 but instead of grabbing a steel bodyplate grab a earth staff,it close to a hill giant,but he kinds far from you so you won't get attack,get alot and do the same thing,go to different world,and keep getting more,when you got full inventory also equip one also.go back and go to varrock and go to the place where they sell staff,go sell them in their,do the same thing as the steel bodyplates.
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20 Mar 07
oh yea nevermind this kind of works because i did some of these and i got money but not that much but it still works if a noob is doing it lol.
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19 Mar 07
this is hard to do and it may take long so not to be mean i think you need a better idea.