How can you budget with nothing??

@imsilver (1668)
March 19, 2007 4:14pm CST
Well.. tomorrow is baby bonus.. yay.. so I'm going to actually get some money and hopefully come out a bit ahead this month.. Although I don't think this'll be the month.. LOL.. Here's how I've broken it down so far... I get $500 : $250 has to go straight to Instaloans for the 2 loans that I took out this month : $75 HAS!! to be put on my phone bill.. not what they are asking for but it'll have to do until next week when I can give them abit more.. if I lose my phone I lose my internet and how can I make money online if I'm not online.. : I owe $35 to a very dear friend who helped me out in a tight situation this month and $10 to another friend who lent it to me yesterday so I could get cream and sugar and have coffee. Which leaves me with a grand total of $130 with which to throw my daughter a birthday party and get groceries for the week. Maybe I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as much as I thought I was.. but I'll try and see how it goes...
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