Overbearing, Belittling, etc kind of People...

March 19, 2007 5:25pm CST
Not sure what you all think, but I'm curious about your opinions on this matter. I have 'in-laws' that are pushy and rude. Not really a new thing, I know I know. The thing is that I moved here with my daughter (her aunt is father's sister)almost 2 years ago and busting my @ss to raise this child (not quite 5 yet) and it's been harder since she has been diagnosed with Autism. This was only recently diagnosed and not a surprise considering all the signs and symptoms. Anyways, they hold it over our heads any time that something is done on our behalf. They pat themselves on the back for 'getting us here' and think that they're 'excellent influences' and that everyone in my family must thank them for getting us on track. Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I made decisions and raising the child on my own. They may have helped and I always expressed my gratitude, but they make it sound like they're under appreciated and hold it over my head no matter what. I want to get them a cross so when they feel unappreciated they can climb up and nail themselves to it. Seriously. One of the biggest whiners and complainers I have ever met is my daughter's aunt. I mean she offers to do things and complains CONSTANTLY about it. Kinda defeats the purpose of being helpful, don't you think? It's all about them. They know more than you do and make you feel like they're better than you. They're constantly belittling and criticizing me, but they don't think they do. I'm the parent and know what is good for my child. They don't listen to me when I tell them things that are important to the raising of my child, like the lack of sugar or whatever. My daughter is naturally hyper... very likely ADD or ADHD candidate. She doesn't need chocolate or sugar and they insist on getting her things like that. They think that they know better and don't think that she has autism. They're in denial that anything is wrong, which is really hard to handle since they're the only people here... so it's hard when people supposedly family are fighting something like this. They don't want to have her with a disability and look at it negatively. It's not surprising because they're very much gloom and doom. Everything is so negative. Makes it so hard to have a conversation with them at all. It's really difficult to be around these people when they treat me this way. They undermine me at any possible time. It's frustrating and they make me look like the bad guy whenever there's a fight. I'd rather never have anything to do with them, but I'm tired of the stress of keeping my child away from them and she does miss them. She loves spending time with them because she gets her way. Kinda reminds me of her aunt because she's acts like a spoiled child. She kicks and screams when she can't her own way. She thinks she's the most reasonable person and most logical, but she's just a spoiled brat and when she gets something into her mind, she doesn't let it go. It's frustrating and I just don't ever want to talk. It's all about her, her, her. Drives me crazy. Every conversation has to do with her and things that happened to her. She's an attention wh@re and needs all eyes focused on her. They are inconsiderate when it comes to punctuality also. They have a different timezone than anyone else. They're late for everything, even their own wedding. They do everything in their time and waste everyone else's time. They procrastinate and cause other people to not keep their plans/engagements. 10 minutes my time is an hour or so their time. She told me 15 minutes the other day before getting here and over an hour later they showed up. Basically they wasted a lot of my time that day because they were screwing around.*shakes head* It's so frustrating because you can't make plans surrounding them.*sighs*So if you were saddled with someone like that, what would you do? Any recommendations or suggestions? What I'm thinking is that I should just not make attempts to spend time with them. They just cause too much stress in our lives and disappoint us too often. It's just not worth it, so they can either work with us or alone. I'm capable of taking care of myself and my child and have done so without them for a long time. However, I would still like some input. Thanks.:)
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