United States
March 19, 2007 5:58pm CST
Is it possible to fake insanity? If you knew of a way to escape prison, and read about insanity for inmates, would you take advantage of the situation and go along with the doctors orders as if you were mentally unstable to be released on a serious crime, like murder? Would this be considered a system error, or is it possible to really become insane at the time of the crime, and sane once released? What you think?
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
19 Mar 07
It is possible to be temporarily insane at the time ofcommitting a crime, but you can't really fake insanity any more than an insane person can fakesanity for long. psychiatrists have been trained to see thesubtle differences. I know one woman who, if we could get her tested, would probably be locked up for ever, but she has learned the correct answers to the questions asked by intake workers at mental hospitals, and a psychiatrist never gets close to her.