Where did you meet your best friend and how long have you been friends?

United States
March 19, 2007 7:30pm CST
Okay this is a topic that everyone should be able to respond to. We all have friends that we consider our best friend. Where did you meet that person and how long have you been friends? I met Tari about 24 years ago and we have been friends ever since. She know everything there is to know about me and I can't imagine ever being as close to any of my other friends like I am her. We met at church and we were almost inseperable in high school until she moved. It was the worst day of my life, I thought at the time and still consider it one of the saddest. Of course, my husband is a great friend but I think that best friends and husbands as best friends are too different things.
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• Philippines
21 Mar 07
my bestfriend and i knows each other since we were a child (though she's 5 years older than me) we became bestfriends when i was in fifth grade and she is a senior. We just found each other laughing at the same stuff even at the corniest jokes,eating the same food,we just found each other talking almost every day until dark,when there is no classes or vacation, we are always together, we almost have the same sentiments, the same idealism,but there are also opposing factors between us,She is the OC type of person (obssessive compulsive) she wanted everything in order and in the right place, very organized, while i am the one who doesn't really care about organizing things hehe..but we really enjoy each other's company, too sad she is abroad right now...
• Indonesia
20 Mar 07
i met my best friend ,N,at university, we have same common , and we feel suit each other.even we have graduated from university but we re still keep in touch. we have been friend more than 10 years. the most important from friendship is how we take care our friendship, keep in touch, care each other, help,etc. thanks
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• United States
20 Mar 07
Was working at hotel as a housekeeper and they hired a new laundry lady. This was Gina. We did not see eye to eye when she started. However being both stubborn we worked at it and finally became friends. I went to work for another company after a couple of years and when they needed someone new I suggested her. They hired her. She works days and now I work nights however, she still collects cans for me and shares dates of things she finds for me in case I don't know of them. We will be going to church rummage sales together when they begin this spring. She has been my biggest support since our housefire and helps in other ways when she can.
• United States
20 Mar 07
I dont have a best friend anymore..I realized that my best friend was a backstabber and a hurtful person. My best friend for a while was my fiance'... the relationship isnt going so well so I wouldnt call him a great friend either.. Im glad you still have someone great in your life you can call a friend.
20 Mar 07
i met ma best frend gillian in skool itself....n we are the oly unique pple i guess who hav been 2gether in all classes since kindergarden to graduation !!! lol yeh....we wer in all the same classes for 17 yrzz....wahahha i love her....cudnt do anything widout her....shez just gr8!! :)