6 String...HELP!!!???

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March 19, 2007 8:00pm CST
Okay, I finally got ahold of a guitar-it's a Yamaha 6-string (acoustic). I've explored sounds on it, and I figured out that each string is a different note, and the strings make a scale. I don't know which scale, and I don't know the notes. Could anyone help me? How do you make sharps/flats? Which notes are there? How do you tune? I understand how the sound works: as you strum it, the strings vibrate, making the sound. The size (circumference) of the "string", and how tight it is, gives you the note. If you hold one of the strings down, it won't vibrate, and that note won't be played. So, it's not so much what you're playing, but what you're not playing. Am I right? FYI, I already play an instrument (flute), so I understand general music terminology. Any help would be AWESOME, and thanks in advance!
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@filmbuff (2909)
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22 Mar 07
Congrats on the guitar, its a wonderful instrument!First off the guitar is turned from lowest string to highest: E A D G B E which is basically an E chord. Each fret on the guitar is a half-step, so if you hold the E string down at the first fret and strum the string/pick the note, the note that sounds is an F, pick it while holding the string down at the 2nd fret and you get an F#. There are various scale patterns that are movable all over the neck for playing single notes and 'passage runs' and you can hold down mulitple strings to create chords. Hope that helps, I'd suggest a few lessons at first so you get a good overview and don't develop any bad habits.
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23 Mar 07
Thanks! There's this guy at school who's giving me the basics; I've already learned three chords: D, E, and A; as well as a song using those chords (Wild Thing-it's rock, but I wouldn't know, because I don't listen to rock lol).
@kurtbiewald (2628)
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20 Mar 07
that largest string is E just get somebody who plays guitar to show you like 30 minutes to get you started they sell a small pipe thing for $4 or so to tune the strings ask someone, thats the best way