which season do you like best?and why

March 19, 2007 9:16pm CST
as we know,spring is a colorful season,plants were sptouting,and there are various of blossoms,people can go out for picnic or flying kites,everything was full of vitality.it's too hot in summer,so i don't like it,there are so many insects,no matter how little you wear,you still can't have cool feeling.in autumn,the weather is neither too hot nor too cold,and it's a harvest season.my favorate season is winter,i like snow animatedly,just because it.which season do you like best?tell me ok?
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@aweins (4203)
• India
23 Mar 07
i like winters and rainy season the best . i love to see snow and snowfall , i love making snowman and giving a carrot or something in his hands. i love to go on drives in winters because i love cold breeze touching me and the sensation it passes down my veins is soooooooooo awesome that i cant even explain. infact i love to drive when its drizzling . asthe rain drops touches my face and then moves down, it gives such a nice feeling and then eating softy with my love.ohhh!!!!! man, its such a wonderful experience and so awesome to feel that while writing this discussion only i feel like going on in such a weather. but now its tooo hot here so i cant enjoy this sexy weather at present. after reaching home and changing the clothes its sooo coool to sit with ur love in the same blanket , cuddling into each other and then drinking hot coffee on the bed only. its really a moment of life spend in such a weather. i just love winters , the weather seems to be so romantic at that time.
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@im2good4u (567)
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
i just like the rainy season. i don't know why but its just feels much more better to sleep in rainy days
@yumoney (194)
• China
20 Mar 07
for me, my favorite season is summer! although the summer is very hot and there are so many insects like you said,you kown,no matter how little you wear,you still can't have cool feeling.but,for me,i like summer because i like sports,it can make me feel good!so i like summer very much!
• United States
22 Mar 07
i love the spring personally. it a time of birth, growth, and new beginnings. i love the smell of the trees, flowers, and the soft wind that blows across fields and carries sweet smells the are mixed together that no perfume could compare to. all the baby rabbits come out into the yard to play early morning, the little birds that start to sing int he trees next to my window. it is a time for camping, fishing, hiking, gardening without the sunburns and heat strokes. it is a time for families to get together and do things. it is the time to clean and make room for the new