Does anyone out in this MyLot land use DOBA?

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March 19, 2007 10:50pm CST
Hi there! Do any of you that sell on ebay use the drop shipper DOBA? Have you actually Made money by using them? Are they worth it? Thank you all for taking the time to answer!
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12 Sep 07
DOBA was formerly Wholesale Marketer and I believe it was owned or affiliated with I used their services for about 2 1/2 - 3 years and was quite satified with their products and service. However, after they changed their name from Wholesale Marketer to DOBA the availabilty and quality of their products began to decline and I eventually canceled my membership. While using Wholesale Marketer/DOBA I was also using other drop shippers and wholesalers. Towards the end of my association with DOBA, I found that several (if not all) of their suppliers offered dropping shipping services for free. There were no membership fee or dropshipping fees associated with these suppliers. The more I found out about other suppliers, my decision to drop DOBA became easier. I don't feel bad about paying for DOBA's service because I made money using them. Also, there was no one to advise me about alternatives to paying for drop shipping. services. My motto now is "Don't Pay For It" and that the same advice I give to you.
@Shababy (140)
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20 Mar 07
I tried Doba. They have great products that are below retail but at the same time they are not below what many sell them for on ebay. I did not stay with them longer than the free trial. I am sure they have a-lot of great products that would work for selling on ebay but I think you would have to really search through them all. The only other benefit is you can also get some nice stuff at a pretty good discount but don't know if that is really worth the fees.
@sunnypub (2130)
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20 Mar 07
I joined DOBA a month ago. From what I have seen and read throughout the site, there are only about 15,000 of the over 200,000 items listed that are good to sell on eBay. I have yet to come across those items. I have tried a few items, but did so without any real research and did not sell them. I think you really have to do some research to find the correct products. Whether the products are really there of not, I ma not sure. I think there are thousands of products that would work if you wanted to open your own online store. Unfortunately there is so much to learn and so many products that there is no way to figure it all out during your free trial, so if you really want to see if it can work for you, you are going to have to pay for at least one month. I just wanted something to work with until I got incorporated, which I ma working on, then I could go to the better wholesalers and drop shippers through WorldWide Brands. I do think that if you use them, you need to look for itmes that have a really low profit for you and you would have to make up the difference by selling a lot of items. I tried to sell a few laptops but I ended up getting scam buyers, which I think is the biggest problem with selling electronics. If they would have sold to legitimate buyers then I would have made a decent profit. I think I was too greedy with my pricing. I am sure there are people who do make DOBA work for them, but since it was a temproary thing for me, I haven't put in as much time doing research as I should have.