habit of drinking

March 20, 2007 12:21am CST
One of my friend is addicted to both the habbit of drinking and smoking.Now his body condition has gone worse physically.I have adviced to stop both the habbits,but he was not able to.Now he has decided to stop on by one.So i need ur suggestions about which one to stop first..........
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• Canada
20 Mar 07
I would probably suggest the drinking as it is the harder of the two and so it would be good to get the worst one out of the way to concentrate on the other one . It is good that he is thinking of trying to give at least one of them up as it is hard on the body and although we don't see the side effects til we are older it really does a lot of damage to us . I only smoke but have noticed the effects from over the years and wish I could give it up .