Boyfriend Or Career?

United Arab Emirates
March 20, 2007 2:16am CST
This days I'm suck! Why? because I never think about myself just I could give everything for my damn boyfriend financially, emotionally, and physically. I know he loves me but he cannot stand for our decisions because of his sisters. I know family is the most important for all damn things in world but our families are there besides us to understand and support us in every decisions we make not to hold us behind our neck. I dont know if I'm right or wrong? I dont want also to be bad in his sisters but I'm just fighting for our relationship because me I made a decision in my life that my family support and understand me. That is choosing to be in his side rather than to go to my aunties in Canada which have a better oppurtunity for me. I chose to go to Dubai to be with him but damn him!!! Something happened he made a mistake in Dubai. He have a fling with a girl and it so happened the girl got pregnant and she wants that my boyfriend will marry her because of the law in Dubai that you will be get prison if you get pregnant without a husband.AAARG!!! AAARG!!! When this happening with him in Dubai I was there in Philippines finishing my last year in College. We talked that he will wait me in Dubai. Until one day his sister whom he used to stay with in Dubai called me and inform me that he's on the way going to Philippines. I was shocked to hear the news I dont know there is no excitement inside meat that time. I went to the airport and waited for him to arrive. When i saw him it just NOTHING... I kiss him but there's no feeling at all and we went home. 1 week later he confessed with me what he had done in Dubai.He told me that he went home immediately because he dont want to get married with a girl he dont love and he wants to save our relationship. I know stupid reasons you will think...
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