Boyfriend Or Career? PART3

United Arab Emirates
March 20, 2007 2:59am CST
But this time I think its over now I'm tried of understanding all the time. I dont want to waste my time for nothing also I want to start my life for a new. I never broke up with my bf were still together but our situation now is not the same before. LOVE is there but I will FOCUS first to my career which I dont give more effort before. Specially I need to earn a lot for all the debts i have. And one thing I realize also that it is not nice also that you always give and give. i know I'm a kind-hearted person but I learned my lesson. I used to help everyone until I drown with debts now no one is there to help you or lend you when your in need. i know this is the end of my road there is still something waiting for me at the very... very.. end. This is life is you need to be smart in dealing with because this life of ours is the one also will drown us in the end if we dont know how to handle it and face challenges. For now I'll choose first my CAREER. BOYFRIEND...MAN...BOY... there are many out there dont be in rush. Besides I already experienced what LOVE is...
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