What do u want..??

@infohome (1222)
March 20, 2007 4:33am CST
What do we want from a Friend..! That is a question we often will ask.. And, what do we need from a friend.? Loyalty, we know that is true.. But, is tat enough in the end..?? We know there must be trust.. So secrets we can safely share.., And, when we are sad and hurt That someone is there to care.. We want a friend to feel our joy.. When happiness comes our way When we complete a difficult chore.. It’s a cheering friend that “makes our day”.. We want to know there will be a hand.. Held out to us when trouble brings on fear When everything in life feels so empty.. We need to feel their spirit hover near.. But, along with all the rest of these, It must include a special kind of love Hard to explain, but, one that you know.. Comes as blessing from heaven above.. So, if you have found a special one.. Who shares these things with you Make sure your words are always kind.. And deeds are helpful that you do.. While friendship bonds may feel strong They are also very fragile, it is true A thoughtless word, and unkind deed, And a friend's heart can be broken by you..!!
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