Video racing games breed risky drivers

March 20, 2007 4:57am CST
Playing just one virtual racing game men took greater risks in critical traffic situations on a computer simulator Research has proven that of 198 men and women, those who play more virtual car racing games were more likely to report that they drive aggressively and get in accidents. Less frequent virtual racing was associated with more cautious driving. Researchers are more worried that about the question whether playing racing games leads to accidents in real-life road traffic Playing racing games could provoke unsafe driving... Practitioners in the field of road traffic safety should bear in mind the possibility that racing games indeed make road traffic less safe, not least because game players are mostly young adults, acknowledged as the highest accident-race group. Iam worried if video game racing is encouraged then it wil be more harm for us in future on roads..What do u all say about this
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@engineous (400)
• Australia
20 Mar 07
I was going to post a discussion about the exact same thing! Although I was trying to argue the other point of view. I think it helps people learn to drive. Well, that's just my opinion, but there are others. I agree with your point that less virtual driving was good. In Melbourne, Australia where I live; they have this simulator where by you can take your car in and race it virtualy; without the car wheels actually being on the road. This discourages hoon driving. Well, good luck with forcing the issue my friend.
• India
20 Mar 07
ya ur right that it helps in learning driving but once a person start doing virtual racing then there will be no limits for the speed there and just races thinking themselves as top F1 racers and they get excited with that virtual speed and its natural tendency for evevry person even to do the same kind of speed race if given a car or bike to drive on the road as soon as one does an exciting virtual race.. Anyway thanks for ur post