how do i get atleast 20 responses on my discussion???

March 20, 2007 5:42am CST
do i make friends respond or ppl will respond them selves i know some of u make top discussions so plz gimme a tip how do u do it??
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• Singapore
20 Mar 07
Yes, I think getting lots of friends would help. It would help even more if you actively respond to their discussions. I mean, it makes sense right? - if you answer my discussions, I will try to answer yours too. ^^
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• Pakistan
20 Mar 07
well thats a good thing
20 Mar 07
If the discussion is good your friends and others will respond. There isn't much else I can say. Just try to post as best you can. Also get your rating up as some people will not answer those below 100 as you are not established! This is only a minority though! Good luck!
• Grand Junction, Colorado
21 Mar 07
When I got here I asked a similar question how to get more responses to your discussions. This is what I have found out. First find an interesting topic that can reach a wide audience. Second think of a catchy title this grabs peoples attention. Third having a friends base is a must, but not just to answer your discussions you must actively respond to them also. Fourth after posting your discussion go and start responding to your friends discussions, this will have them looking at who responded and come and check you out. Fifth be know for responding to peoples responses when they are asking questions or comments that should have a comment back. It's not necessary to thank everyone and is actually frowned upon by mylot. Also it shows people that you actually come back and rate the discussions. Last but not least a successful discussion is a discussion that gets a responses and doesn't end up in that 0 response category. The above steps are what I do and if you checked my profile you can see that almost all of my discussions are well over 20 responses. Hope this helps you to get to that category of 20+ responses. :)
@AmbiePam (49884)
• United States
20 Mar 07
I notice people who have correct grammar and well thought out questions get a lot of responses. Making a lot of friends it VERY helpful, but the post has to be coherent and relevant. Although, fun discussions are great to respond to as well!