Is it safe to drink tap water now a days?

March 20, 2007 7:37am CST
I drink a lot of water everyday cause it makes me feel revitalize.. water can also make your skin glow but the question it safe to drink tap water now a days?
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@juskoday (183)
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
It would depend really where the tap is and how well the water system is being maintained around that area. Where I come from, I'd rather not drink anything from the sink because of uncertainty with the 1.) possible rust in the water's main pipes, 2.) leachates, 3.) and polluted environment in general.
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
Distilled waters are more safe than tapped waters - Let's take care of our health. Nowadays, we are no longer sure if tap waters are clean. So better drink the distilled waters because they are more safe than tapped waters. :)
Generally, I don't think it's safe to drink tap water nowadays. The reason why there are already establishments that sells distilled water it's because you can already seldom see fresh and clean water especially in the urban areas. Fresh waters can be found in some moutainous regions but if it's in the city, it's hard to rely on tap waters. So, it would be safe to drink the distilled ones rather than the tapped ones. Let's do take care of our health.:)
@coolsanth (112)
• India
20 Mar 07
i don't say it is safe to drink tap water... but before u drink see the environment around the tap and come to one conclusion.... and if u are being supplied by tap water.. then no problem...