Describe what happened on you FIRST KISS?

March 20, 2007 7:39am CST
Well i got a wonderful experience with my first kiss indeed and i can still remember it till now.. hehe I have a crush before and she were so pretty we're both 2nd year highschool in the same school but we're not classmates.. One day, while were having a break time, my friends and i are talking about on who's our crushes in school or in classroom, then i told them about my crush sheryl, she's really pretty and sweet.. When the time that they knew bout on who's my crush is, they got a plan on how can i meet sheryl and have a talk with.. They brought Sheryl with them while im waiting on the covered court of the school and they introduced sheryl to me. I was so shy that time, and i really dont know what to do.. But then, things happened.. we got a chance to talk a lot and then time goes by, after many months being friends, We got involved with our deep feelings for each other and she's been my gf then, and on the very first day that she said yes to me, i kissed her and its so unforgettable... But i think we're not meant for each other as she's getting married now and me? i have a new girlfriend and we love each other. What about yours? wanna share it? Have a nice day ahead!
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@reeze_828 (137)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
WOW! What a nice story, I love to share my experience too! I was 18 that time and i had a promise to this very special friend that when i turned 18 our friendship will goes into something more than friends. At the day of my birthday he surprised me with a necklace and ask," Would you be my girlfriend?" I said yes and then that's it i've got my first kiss with my bestfriend turns into boyfriend! How sweet.... Thanks for your time reading this!
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26 Mar 07
Cool... your bestfriend must be lucky to have your first kiss.. hehe Have a nice day ahead!
@peaches20 (148)
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
We finally admitted that we like each other and then I went to their house and we were watching TV then we kissed. Nothing special but I won't forget about it.