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@sunshine4 (8709)
United States
March 20, 2007 8:06am CST
So these 2 people who had an affair, got caught, stopped, apologized to their spouses and are trying to get their marriages back together. They both have decided that they don't want their children involved in any of this mess. The woman who had the affair goes to pick up some dinner at a local bar and sees the man she had the affair with and his wife. She is with her 13 yr old child. They walk right past the man and his wife without even glancing at them. The wife then loudly announces their is a wh*re in the bar and she has lost her appetite. She continues and continues. The son has a terrified look on his face, while the his mom tries to talk to him over the wife's remarks. They leave the restaurant. The son asks the mom who the woman was that was sitting at the bar. The mom plays dumb and says she didn't see who he was talking about. The son then says forget it. On the way home the mom gets a text. Usually the son would read it for her as she was driving, but she decided not to answer it. It was from the wife saying wh*re. Now for the question. Do you think this is harrassment? Even thought the woman who had the affair clearly was at fault for that, do you feel the wife acted ok in this situation?
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@jillbeth (2711)
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20 Mar 07
No, she did not act appropriately at all! She made herself look like a fool and embarrassed her husband. And the son knew who she was talking about, does she have no respect for his feelings? If this woman wants to save her marriage she must learn to rise above the situation instead of lowering herself like this.