Do you have childhood memories with your grand parents

United States
March 20, 2007 8:26am CST
hey folks do you remember time spent with your grand parents was it ..well i used to hear lots of stories from them ..iam sure u must be having any sweet memories associated with them
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• Switzerland
20 Mar 07
I do miss my grand parents a lot. And the memories of the time spent with them is invaluable. My grandfather used to get me candies and I would be the only one to get it always. He would carry me on his shoulders and take me for a walk. Although he is gone, the memories will always stay with me.
@kylanie (1205)
• United States
20 Mar 07
You can bet youre bottom dollar I do me and my grandparents used to go on trips alot my grandad said I would not see and indian again we went down the road and there was 1 and then he went in the back way to a motel and me my brother and grandma looked at each other and laughed and he used to say he was taking me to kepler and finding me a boyfriend. They are things that I will never forget since my grandad passed away 2 years ago and they can't take them away from me.
@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
20 Mar 07
i have alote of childhood memories with my grandparents and i hope that my children to come will also have this good memories with their grandparents. i loved them very much ans still do,they were great people that thaught me alote, and showed me how beautiful life is even when the times ain't that great' i thank the oppuronitty to know them
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
20 Mar 07
I have so many memories of my grandparents - I am so lucky to still have my grandmother as well. I remember long walks in the woods and in the mountains, long evenings at the cabin playing yatzi and boardgames. Sunny days playing bozzia and badminton. I remember looking at photoalbums for hours while listening to their stories about their lives. Beeing read to. Learning to cook or crochet. I remember the grandchildren week: my grandparent had all 7 of us stay a whole week at their house. We would sing, play the piano and violin, we would play outside. We mostly just hung out and talked to eachother. Great ide! I remember ordinary days, and birthdays, and christmases. I remember my gradmothers lovely laughter - I still hear it. I remember her tight tight hugs that would take my breath away. My grandfathers deep, deep voice singing strange and wonderful songs. I remember beeing able to just sit together with my grandfather without speaking for the longest time and feel ok with it. their laps, their smiling faces and secure arms. Their love
• Portugal
20 Mar 07
I have very good memories from my favourit grandparents, who have already passed away. I will always remember their smiles and the good times will be in my heart forever! Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of contact with them since I was 11, because we moved to another country, that is something I can never change, so I must just cherish the memories that I have.