What kind of a wall clock do you use at home?

just the ordinary wall clock - I never liked the sound of the classical old clock we had before. THe one that gives a scary sound or tune whenever it strikes 12 midnight and every after hour, it sucks because it's scary. lol :)
March 20, 2007 8:53am CST
Do still use a the old classical clock? The one that usually rings or gives a tune when it strikes 12 midnight and then gives another tune whenever it's already an hour after? Or do you use the one with a talking bird that usually comes out whenever it's time for you to wake up? Or what really is the kind of wall clock are you using right now? When I was young, we had the old classical one that gives a tune when it's already midnight. ANd I requested my Dad to remove it and not use it anymore because I don't like its sound. It's kinda scary. So Dad replaced it with another one. Since then, we haven't tried using that kind of clock anymore. What we just use is an ordinary wall clock. No bird that will come out to wake you up either. Just an ordinary one. ANd I'd like to know how many of you here still use that old clock? Or do you have anything else aside from the ones I've mentioned?:)
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