cure of bab breath?

March 20, 2007 9:03am CST
do you know what is the effective cure of bad breath? one of my friend have a bad breath... and she also doesnt know cause of it and how to cure it... she already tried toothbrushing 3 times day and garlge mouthwash... but still no effect on her....
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20 Mar 07
One very important and very overlooked cause is your diet. If you aren't eating right you could have bad breath. I'm not talking about eating stinky food or anything like that. But if you are undereating you could be causing it. Garlic can make you have bad breath. Interesting enough is that having cheese in your diet can help with bad breath! I am not sure if it is particular types of cheese but it is something to look into. She needs to see a dentist if she is having trouble after brushing three times! She could have an infection in her mouth or worse. If she smokes she needs to quit or cut down.