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@mzx5188 (520)
March 20, 2007 9:07am CST
I felt extremely melancholy about national team's performances last night.china team beat against singapore ,the outcome is lousy,although we won the game.but we lost the Asia,We are no longer the powerful team.I guess national team teemed with talents ,But we have more expectation on them.They take it for granted that they are the second to none citizens in china,I believe national team player similar to mollycoddle's child.They just to gain from their "family"Not take responsibilities.So we should pay more attention to other physical activities,such as Tennis and new emerging sports down the national is benefits to china's long term developments.
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• Singapore
20 Mar 07
i read from newspaper sports page about a month back that china youth team was playing friendly matches in England but ended up having mass brawl with their opponent Queens Park Rangers! it is a pity a friendly game had to end up in fighting and it is a disgrace for national team players representing their country to lose their cool and discipline in the sporting arena. please join my AGLOCO network @