March 20, 2007 9:12am CST
With its head held high, it stood like a fortress gazing at the sky. But the world stopped when it crumbled like a pack of cards and was reduced to nothing only to see rivers of tears and blood. It was yet another Tuesday morning when New York woke up to carry out its daily schedule little knowing that the day would change everything for them and give a permanent scar to the world's superpower. Offices and other organisations started their business as usual, but life came crashing down in a very short time when two planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the north and south towers of World Trade Centre. And again September 11 returns just to remind us of the day when everything changed in the world. The United States of America, with all its splendour and might, had to be crushed under the feet of 19 extremists, who in the name of religion, changed the world history forever. Five years on, tears haven't stopped rolling. Frightened eyes refuse to forget the blazing scenes at the WTC and the Pentagon. The attacks left Americans completely aghast and bewildered. Years after years, many still stand and will continue to stand at Ground Zero with the same unanswered questions. Five years since then, Americans learnt to begin afresh. However, nothing seems to have changed. Terror attack is countered by more horrific and the so called 'war on terror' which can better be termed as the 'War of Terror'. Afghanistan is completely dismantled, Iraq was invaded and destroyed. But terror remains. As it haunted the US, it continues to haunt many in these countries now. President Bush resolves to put an end to terror or rather, in other words, gift the world with much more pain, tears, agony and many more terrible September 11s. Are the nations really fighting terror hiding behind the beautiful curtain called 'War on Terror' or is it adding to the woes of the already devastated world. Ask the victims and the sure answer is that we have had enough. Give us rest from the bloodshed and agony, from seeing our loved ones lose their lives daily. Protesters waved banners bearing anti-Iraq war slogans such as "End the occupation" and "Drive out the Bush regime." For the government and top brass, 9/11 may just seem to be a date in history, but for the common man, September 11 happens daily whenever they lose a beloved life at the hands of the perpetrators of war.
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