what would happen if U.S. forces pull out right now?

March 20, 2007 10:03am CST
First of all , i make an announcement that i have been against U.S. invasion of Iraq .Then we go on discuss the above question given as the title shows . what would happen if U.S. withdraw its forces from iraq recently ? Today is the fourth anniversary of U.S. invasion ( or liberation as u.s. calls ) of Iraq ,so protestors all over the world especially in America walk on the streets holding banners . it's reasonable for people who go out and ask for peace . but if u.s. administration really evacuate its forces from Iraq right now as the protestors ask for , i think it would mean a massive disaster for Iraqi people . As we all see right now sectarian violence is shattering the war-stricken country . dozens even hundreds of people are killed once in a car bombing , and obviously Iraq now is in the middle of its civil war. All of those things happen because there is not an authoritative center government afer Americans toppled Saddam Hussein. Current situation in Iraq is under the control of U.S. forces . If this threatening power is absent , what would happen is not hard to imagine . Iraq would become another Somali of 1994 . i mean Iraqi peole would suffer food shortage and the possible religious slaughters . so i think before a stong Iraq center government takes shape , it would bring the war-torn country into a much more bitter situation without U.S. forces . SO i think maybe it sounds ironical that U.S. forces' existence actually hleps alleviate Iraqi current turmoil. i don't tell that American invasion is legal or something like that , i just say it is less harmful with U.S. forces than that without the forces
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20 Mar 07
Indeed you are I believe correct. Should we or should we not have invaded?, we did. Now we have to clean it up, likely it would get much worse if we just up and left. Further it might have stayed a little better if we had been more like him, and brought enough people and kept the controls in place. That though is not the American way, so in place of his government, there was just a bit of a power shortage. Certain forces have done their best to take advantage of that. It is interesting that the Iraqi people have a more positive view of what is happening in their country right now then the American people even though while US forces certainly die and or are injured far more Iraqi's die and get injured then American forces. Why do they have a more positive opinion then we do.