Travel cost soaring!!!

March 20, 2007 10:07am CST
Am I going crazy are does it cost a small fortune to fly anywhere anymore???? I bought tickets last night to Toronto Ontario about a 2 and a half flight return ..the seat sale says $197 each way OK i can live with that...but by the time they add every tax know to man, down to checking the pressure on the tires on the plane tax, my final price is $ I know gas prices blah blah blah but didn't we used to get a free meal??? i traveled last year and a Mr noodle which you pay at the grocery store 5 for a buck was 2 bucks on the plane!!! 6 bucks for a crappy sandwich and God help you if you want a drink...and I'm flying economy heck i think there is a cow sitting next to me in freight and there might or might not be windows lmao..all kidding aside its expensive !!! OK there i have done my complaining for the done have a great one Cheryl
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@caribe (2465)
• United States
24 Mar 07
Yes, flying is getting more expensive all the time. It is outrageously expensive. In order to get the best deals though, you have to plan in advance and fly on least traveled days, etc. and you can sometimes get some pretty good deals. I check the prices of tickets on line and move the days and times around that I am willing to fly and sometimes it makes a big difference in price.
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• Canada
24 Mar 07
your right of course but i'm had a real time crunch with the xlsing of the new home we bought and i'm going for my mother in laws gall bladder surgery so that only leaves certain dates..if it was vacation i could be more flexable..and since we bought a fixer upper vacactions will be on hold for a while yet lol.. Cheryl