can 2 different cultures meet???

@agnish (36)
March 20, 2007 11:16am CST
Especially in INDIA...its preety common... tht people frm 2 differnt castes or religions or states marry... HOW IS THAT JUSTIFIED OR MANUPLATED?? N HOW FAIR IS THAT??
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• Canada
20 Mar 07
It's all human-made!! In God's eyes ANYONE can unite, but it is people who keep other people apart by making rules and regulations about who can and can not meet and marry. It's all people!! You need to do what you want anyway, and forget what everyone else says. If they are not encouraging, you really don't need them.
• Kuwait
29 Mar 07
ya i totally agree with danish.. humanz have made these differences.. and there is only 1 thing with which these things can b vanished is "UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD" and ISLAM is the only religion will supports UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD...
• India
20 Mar 07
i belive caste or religion doest matter...what matters is how ur marriage any realatonship trust,committment,love,sacrifice,understanding is important........if u give importance to the above..i dont think there's any problem...indian society themselves have made these caste differences which is very sad..god is one....we have divided him into ram..allah..jesus....
• India
20 Mar 07
It will not bad as the both boy 7 girl will ready & compromise with each other,bcoz in our indian culture it very important that how u maintain the relations & we people r very emotional.But i think we all have to think not only about us but also think about our family bcoz once u marry to another caste then lots of things may be changed in your life, but if u handle it very well & your family is also happy aboutit then it is not problem to marry to different casts or in different religions.