I think earnings in mylot donot increase for posting responses

@anshnav (479)
March 20, 2007 11:33am CST
yesterday i posted 5 posts but no discusiions nor images and i did'nt earn a cent today. What should this mean this means that earnings donot increase in mylot for posting responses but only for starting discussions. If anybody disagrees please let me know
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• Malaysia
1 Apr 07
Every post will be consider for being paid my friend. The issues is how quality our post and does it related with the topic and do we follow the rules while posting. All i know is, myLot will paid minimum one cent for the single post we had (not for a liner post). All the thing we should do is keep posting my friend. By that, you will find other satisfaction great than pursuing only money itself...
@tad1fan (3373)
• Canada
29 Mar 07
I definitely disagree!I respond more than I post and my earnings are doing just fine for the amount of time I spend on here
@myklaire (437)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
i believe mylot had undegone some technical problems for two days already. I wqas given a notice from them about it but it will come back to its normal state. Just be patient and wait, you'll soon get what you deserve to have...just keep on blogging dude!
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
21 Mar 07
are your earnings updated? dont expect to earn much more here. just have some fun, and get some info you are interested in.
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
Actually they do increase. You already have 253 posts and you should know if your work is compensated by your earnings. I am barely new here and I am quite satisfied with how my earnings are going. Also, you shouldn't be too conscious about making money. There is so much more to it than that. When I first joined this site money was my main concern but eventually I liked the idea of trying to help people or at least the idea of expressing my thoughts. Mylot has a panel of some sort who qualifies the content of your posts and if they think that your posts makes sense then they will definitely pay you for that. Goodluck to your quest for wealth.
@suraj5747 (207)
20 Mar 07
you dont have to worry about that because i have also faced the same probem as i used to send many discussions at the end i hardly used to get only few cents.the one of my friend told me that mylot reads the discussion acording to the topic and then rate the message then according to that they pay us.so how it is if u get a topic to be discussed then it will be you can start discussing about it and explain as elebrately as you can and do send as more postings as you can and i'm sure you can make things work on your part.
• India
20 Mar 07
Don't worry dude :) Sometimes it happens is tht ur posts / images earnin comes after tht day u will get paid for it tomoro for surely :) if not than u rate me negative :| it happened me many times soo im sure u will get paid :) PEAce :)