Can Detriot Piston Win A Title This Season?

March 20, 2007 12:33pm CST
There are lots of great teams this season, can Detriot Pistons beat MIami, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, and WIN a TITLE THIS SEASON?
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• Philippines
5 May 07
Miami is out of the Play off picture, thanks to their fomer team mate Ben Wallace. Dallas?? The team with a best record this season?? Is out of the picture too. More thanks to Nellie and Davis, they've done a great job dropping the Mavs out. In the Eastern conference, Detroit would likely be the conference champion. Chicago is a young, fearless and talented team, but they lack experience, unlike Pistons who is full of experience and confidence. They still have the core players who managed to bagged a championship before. They lost Ben, who is now with the Bulls, the opponent for the second round of the Eastern conference series, but they got an addition of a high caliber player, and judging form the stats of the one they lost and the one they acquired in the mid season, the Pistons is still the team to be feared of. The addition of C-web to the team make a lot of diferrence, he is still capable of 20-10 performance every game. Big Ben is a a liabity in offensive end, but not C-web. The defence is not as bad as other thinks, the stepping up of Prince in his defensive abilities fills in the hole that when Ben leaves detriot for more pastures. over all detriot will be the champ this season and Billups will be the palyoff MVP again.
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
I still think they could beat those teams but they will surely have a hard time doing it especially winning a championship this season. They are the best team in the Eastern Conference second is Miami. They will get into the playoffs or even win the conference itself but against Dallas or San Antonio I still have doubts as of the moment.
• United States
20 Mar 07
Detroit is the best team in the Eastern Conference... but they would be, at best, the fourth best in the Western Conference. Phoenix, San Antonio, and Dallas are all better than them, so the short answer would be no... except that there could be a case made for those Western Conference teams beating each other up and the winner being too dogged from those battles. It's a long season/postseason, so those kind of series can wear down a team. I think, to some degree, that's what happened to Dallas last season against Miami. On paper, I'd say no, but there's always a chance and Detroit is a great team.