Brand new excuuuses!!!!!!!

March 20, 2007 3:05pm CST
Well friends ,I've found that it's too tough to be puntual and those all who are always puntual ,hats odd to them. But here I want to know that what excuse do you give after reching late to a particular place, be it a pulic or private meeting, school-college lectures, home etc. Traffic jams, accident, tyre-puntured, met an old friend on the road, forgot the address, woke up late, etc are pretty old ones, some good excuses which is not into the air, can you share with me, I always need them. My brand new excuse is that I was on mylot ,discussing a matter with an online friend,lol, so guys and gals do tou have any fantastic excuses let others know please, begin.
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20 Mar 07
A cyber-excuse! Let me know if that works and I'll use it myself. True Story: A couple of years I was interviewing candidates for an entry-level position with my company. I told one particular candidate that I would expect him to be punctual if he got the job. He responded that he didn't think he could do that, as he wasn't very good with periods and question marks and the like.