April Fools day

@kamran12 (5556)
March 20, 2007 4:54pm CST
Anybody knowing when actually april fools day started to be celebrated in history? What i think is that it started probably from spain, when spanish Army was defeated on 1st of April. other sources say that it started from France when many common folks didn't change their calender (which was officially changed) and continued to celebrate the annual new year celebrations from 25th march to 1st April, so thats why they were called fools and were rediculed specially on closing day that is April 1. what do you think? whatever the history might be, Just like many events this perticular day brings with it both the positive and the negative impact. from purely enjoyable event to the most stupid stunt even to the level of a crime. I know many people who have suffered just because they were fooled about their loved ones. like somebody told the parents that their son or daughter has died causing heart attack and other serious problems, both curable and non curable, thus making an enjoyment a total mess.
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